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Transition to Greatness
Transition to Greatness
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Transition to Greatness – behind the scenes
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Transition to Greatness is a narrative feature film about President Trump's response to the pandemic and the 2020 election.


The film is an invented, thought-provoking "discussion" with President Trump presented as an intricate visual puzzle. 


It is an extended fictitious dialogue between a homeless New Yorker and President Trump. They engage in a wide-ranging "conversation" as the pandemic rages and the 2020 election looms.


The film is filled with visual manipulations that insert Trump, the pandemic and 2020 election elements into the picture. The main hero, Mike (Brian Panella), wanders around New York City and interacts with the ubiquitous Trump, who talks to him via city billboards, video screens, wifi stations, bus stops and even pay phones.


The picture has also been manipulated so that, other than Mike and Trump, there is no one else in the frame – an eerie reminder of the isolation in America's most populated city during the height of the pandemic.


Directed, written, and produced by 1212


Starring: Brian Panella


Transition to Greatness

Drama / Comedy / Adventure – 108 minutes

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